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It started with a fascination for nature...

At a very young age, I developed a fascination for Gemstones and Minerals. I would collect every cool looking rock that I saw, then would try to identify it in the "Gems and Minerals" book that my mother bought for me. As I got older, those interests expanded into a fascination for all of the beautiful materials that nature produces. There are wood species out there that are naturally Vibrant Orange (Padauk), Deep Purple (Purpleheart), Chocolate Brown (Walnut), etc., and there are Gemstones that are every color of the rainbow. Most people have never seen the beauty of them before.

Everything we buy nowadays is made out of plastics and other synthetic materials. The beauty of natural materials has been all but forgotten. This is where Fractal Workshop came about. I started Fractal Workshop in early 2019 in an effort to bring Nature back into the forefront. Using locally sourced and sustainable materials, I began creating Jewelry, Home Decor out of beautiful natural Gems and Woods. Everything is Handmade by Me in San Diego, CA. I'm excited to see what the future holds.